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RAJOC. RAJOC South Africa: Is the holder of the world license and official license holder in Africa, with innovation Hair care ranges which is,  from basic shampoo to the most effective treatments to match, with an active patented hair loss system. Our strongest advantage is that it's a Quality product with following benefits: * A Specialist product which is well priced    and affordable. *  Satisfied, money back guaranteed policy * Well packaged * Scented to please * User friendly * In store marketing
Lip channels are cold formed from a number of different steel types.The most popular steel types used in the roll forming of lipped sections include: Hot Rolled Mild Steel, Z275 Pre- Galvanized Steel and 3CR12 Stainless Steel. Lip channels hold a number of potential advantages for the contractor or manufacturing.These advantages include the following. Rolled to Length: Lip channels can be rolled to the length requested  by the customer. This gives the added benefit of saving cost on cutting, scrap material and transport. Corrosion Resistant: Lip channels are cold formed from various steel types . Corrosion resistant3CR12 Stainless Steel and Z275 Pre- GalvanizedMaterial are popular steel types used in the forming of lipped channels.
Our forefront is exploration in the alluvial/marine field. We especially proud of our network and Administrators in various countries of Africa. We pride our self in finding and arranging prospecting rights for whatever commodities you require. We offer a no nonsense approach to " Prospecting Phase-right to  the commissioning of Turn Key mines." Our Company also specializes in acquisition of Various Commodities . i.e. Precious Metals, Coal, Oil, Iron, Ore and Chrome.
D'ARRIGO FENCING: We manufacture and supply world class products, beginning with sourcing raw materials from the most trusted sources that adhere to the highest standards that are expected from D'Arrigo Fencing. We aim to be the supplier of the highest quality fencing products throughout Africa and in so contributing to the growth of the continent by providing the highest standard of protection for infrastructure and assets. 
INDOOR SPORT ARENA The Sports center provides a wide range of indoor leisure facilities such as activity rooms dance rooms, fitness rooms, and etc.
FRANAIR: FRANAIR offers specialized services  throughout Africa in the Aeronautical field, whether it is Cargo, Photographer, Exploration, Services and Parts of Aircraft Sales.;
EMPHOR:  We only feel a sense of achievement when we've found the right location in which a business can thrive and our goal is always to link our extensive property knowledge with investors', landlords' or tenants' needs. We are situated in the Gauteng area and in Kwa-Zulu Natal.It is what our business and reputation has been built on and assist you so you can benefit with a accurate forecast of rate of return.
INTREPID PROPERTIES (Pty) Ltd: Intrepid specializes in both domestic and commercial property accusation and management. Intrepid property manages a sizable property portfolio. AGGF properties"blue crane eco park, under the umbrella  of Intrepid properties has identified and is actively pursuing a 80000m2 retail commercial complex, combined with a 40000m2 theme, with a 84 room top of the range hotel, yhe AGGF/ Intrepid properties will also include a regional filling station.
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